Fujifilm Magnetic LTO Tape For Long-Term Data Storage

With up to 30TB storage capacity, Fujifilm LTO Tape is the ideal solution for organisations to store and archive large volumes of data. Whether you’re an IT decision maker or data centre manager, we can customise the right solutions to meet your data storage needs. 

A uniquely powerful
data storage solution for Big Data

Working harder than ever, making possible the long-term storage of a vast amount of data at the data centers of leading global IT companies, financial institutions, and other major corporations and organizations worldwide.

Low Cost

Magnetic tape does not require power when it is stored, it is a data storage medium that requires a very low running cost.

Secure and Safe

Suitable for remote storage to protect important data from disasters and other risks, because it allows offline storage and is portable.

Long-term Storage

Magnetic tape has lower failure and error rates and higher reliability than hard disks, it is the best data storage medium for long-term storage.

High Capacity

Compared to hard disks whose recording density has almost reached the limit, the recording density of magnetic tape is still increasing.

High-speed data transfer at 750 MB/sec.

360 MB/sec. for non-compressed data

BaFe magnetic particles measuring only about 20nm, allowing a large number of particles to be laid on the same surface. This significantly increases an areal recording density, thereby dramatically boosting the tape’s storage capacity.

Storage capacity
of 30.0 TB

12.0 TB for non-compressed data

While the primary cause of magnetic degradation is oxidation, as BaFe magnetic particle is already a ferric oxide, it will not suffer oxidation. This is why BaFe tape offers superior archivability. FUJIFILM’s accelerated test has shown that the tape offers stable data storage for more than 50 years.

Compared to hard disk storage (HDD), LTO tape storage has superior cost performance as it provides lower cost per TB and requires almost no electricity in storing data.

Tape can physically isolate data from the network to create an air gap, minimizing the risk of data loss due to cyberattacks, enabling to safely store your important data.

Evolving Magnetic Tape Media

The recording capacity of magnetic tape is determined by its recording area multiplied by its areal recording density. Compared to HDDs whose recording size (density) has almost reached the physical limit, the recording density of magnetic tape is still low and has room to expand. Practical technologies that enhance reliability and operating durability while increasing the recording area by making the tape thinner and longer are also evolving with each generation. Magnetic tape is still evolving, with the aim of achieving a higher capacity.

Tape Storage keeps on evolving

Tape storage is one of the best solutions for archiving large volumes of data

Case Studies


Tape storage, which are superior in terms of reliability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness, are used as a means to save the global assets.

High Energy Accelerator Research Organisation​

The layered storage system has all the advantages of the tape media and delivers a high level of operational convenience.

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